74: 135-142

Dietrich Ewald, Gisela Naujoks
Vegetative propagation of wavy grain Acer pseudoplatanus and confirmation of wavy grain in wood of vegetatively propagated trees: a first evaluation

Dendrobiology 2015, vol. 74: 135-142


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Over the last 15 years, shoot material from wavy grain sycamore maples (Acer pseudoplatanus  L.) was collected from crowns of trees which were harvested and the stems then sold for very high values. Starting with grafts from this material, cutting propagation was tested and a tissue culture method was elaborated. However, the question of whether the wavy grain structure is expressed after vegetative propagation still remained unsolved. Recently, one of the oldest cuttings (11 years) and two grafts (17 years) were cut to look for structures of wavy grain expression. Veneer was produced from the log of the cutting-derived tree. Staining experiments were carried out using veneer sheets to improve the appearance of the structures. Based on these experiments, and in using morphological comparisons with veneer from adult wavy grain sycamore, we present the first evidence for the appearance of undulating fibre structures and the beginnings of wavy grain formation even in material at around ten years of age. A hypothesis related to the formation of wavy grain in deciduous trees is discussed.

Additional key words: figured wood, cutting, grafting, tissue culture, micropropagation


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