75: 141-155

Jiří Velebil, Bohumil Trávníček, Michal Sochor, Petr Havlíček
Five new bramble species (Rubus, Rosaceae) in the flora of the Czech Republic

Dendrobiology 2016, vol. 75: 141-155


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This paper presents the results of extensive field research on the occurrence of Rubus L. species in the Czech Republic, especially in the frontier areas near the German border. In this area, Rubus adornatus, R. fasciculatiformis and R. perlongus were newly discovered. The other species, R. ambulans and R. stohrii, were discovered in the eastern and northern parts of Bohemia. A description, an illustration, photos and a list of localities are provided for each species. Taxonomy and nomenclature, ecology, distribution and etymology are discussed. The ploidy level of the mentioned species is presented here for the first time. All of these species are new for the flora of the Czech Republic.

Keywords: description, ecology, geographical distribution


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