71: 35-47

Lena Bezděčková, Zdenka Procházková, Karel Matějka
Practical implications of inconsistent germination and viability results in testing stored Fagus sylvatica seeds

Dendrobiology 2014, vol. 71: 35-47


Full text (pdf)

Abstract: Germination and viability of stored European beech (Fagus sylvatica) seeds can vary depending upon the time when the tests are done during seed storage. To determine the possible sources of such variation the germination (GERM), germination rate expressed as mean germination time (MGT) and viability (VIAB) of six beechnut lots (three lots from two crop years) were determined monthly for one year using controlled laboratory conditions and standard tests. Higher GERM of some lots occurred when tests for stored seeds were carried out in spring and early autumn while other lots germinated better during summer tests. Similarly, different germination speed (dormancy release) and VIAB were observed in different months for different lots. However, no consistent seasonal fluctuation in GERM, MGT or VIAB of the beechnuts was observed in the tests. The reason for this fluctuation seems to be initial quality (germination and dormancy) of beechnut lots rather than any endogenous factors.

Additional key words: beechnuts, fluctuation in viability, germination


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