Witold Wachowiak, Alina Bączkiewicz, Konrad Celiński, Wiesław Prus-Głowacki

Species-specific chloroplast DNA polymorphism in the trnV-rbcL region in Pinus sylvestris and P.mugo

Dendrobiology 2004, vol. 51: 67-72 Full text (pdf)



Abstract: Four cpDNA regions were analyzed with the use of PCR-RFLP technique and nucleotide sequences of two mtDNA regions were characterized in order to find P. sylvestris and P. mugo species specific markers useful for studies of the species hybridization. The difference in the restriction fragment patterns of trnV-rbcL region after digestion with MvaI endonuclease was detected. The analyses of the species representatives from various geographic regions revealed that the observed polymorphism is species specific. No differences have been disclosed in the analyzed trnS-trnT, trnK1-trnK2, trnC-trnD cpDNA regions. The P. sylvestris and P.mugo mtDNA sequences of orf25 and coxI regions proved to be identical.

Additional key words: Scots pine, dwarf pine, hybridisation, DNA markers, mtDNA,














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